A founding mind behind Upworthy is at your service.


Featured in publications like The New York Times, PBS’ MediaShift Labs, MIT Center for Civic Media, and the American Press Institute for her work in pioneering digital media for brands and campaigns, Angie Aker is available to consult on your digital media project.

As a special guest of the Gates Foundation’s annual Media Summit, Aker served as a subject matter expert to traditional media outlets looking to stay relevant in the digital age, serving on a panel alongside talent from Facebook, Pew Research Center, and The Guardian. She’s managed native advertising accounts and creative for her past employer such as The Gates Foundation, AFL-CIO, NARAL, Unilever, and others.


Whether you need someone visionary to help you take your business’ social media to the next level, to advise you on best practices in the fast-shifting landscape of digital media, or to be the final set of eyes for risk assessment before your campaign goes live, Angie Aker is in the top echelon of keen judgment and expertise.

Reach out today to discuss opportunities and rates. 262-705-2366


“Angie grasps the art and science of creating content that spreads better than anyone I’ve ever worked with. Her understanding of how to motivate people to spread important messages—via writing grabby headlines, editing copy to a crisp, or designing graphics that screamed to be shared—is unmatched. And Angie does all this with a sharp sense of humor and keen political instincts that made her a great teammate to learn from and work with. Any project she gets involved in is exponentially more likely to succeed.” – Garlin Gilchrist, former National Campaign Director at MoveOn.org

“I absolutely loved Angie’s dedication, work ethic, and her ability to think on her feet. Her work as Editor-In-Chief, Writer, Social Media expert, and activist has always amazed me. She was the key to our team’s success when the project was at its zenith, and she always had a clear vision of where we needed to go.” – Brandon Weber, formerly of MoveOn.org and Upworthy.com

“Angie Aker has done amazing work helping direct traffic to our company. With her unique style of writing, and thoughtful insights, she has led to a big jump in sales! Our first pop-up farm-to-table event sold out in one day with Angie’s help, and our waiting list for our upcoming events is nearly full, too!”Alex Hanesakda, Owner of Mamma’s Eggrolls and Sap-Sap Laotian Cuisine

One thought on “A founding mind behind Upworthy is at your service.

  1. Hi Angie,

    Do you do day rate projects? A friend, Peter Bell recommended you, I need someone approximately a 4-8 hours project, maybe a little more, I need to put down some rather personal details on paper, it has been a very emotionally taxing process, I am need this done in the next couple of weeks. If you don’t do such projects, i’d really appreciate a recommendation. I need be able to verbally describe my experiences to the freelancer, they must have good communication skill and a compassionate listener is a plus. It’s not a long term project as i said, I believe it can be done in a week. maybe 4-8 hours or so.

    I’d also appreciate if you can tell me your rate. Thanks again.


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